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Institute for Geological and Geochemical Research


Address: H-1112 Budapest, 45 Budaörsi street, Hungary


Director: Attila Demény, corresponding member of the Academy

Phone/fax: +361 319 3137



Secreteriat: Ms. Mónika Látos

Phone/fax: +361 319 3137











The paper entitled "Chemical and stable isotope composition of recent hot-water travertines and associated thermal waters, from Egerszalok, Hungary: Depositional facies and non-equilibrium fractionation" by Sándor Kele and his coworkers is in the Top 25 hottest articles of the Elsevier Science Direct  (Earth and Planetary Sciences/ Sedimentary Geology section)  

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Vocational Report on

Manganese in the 21st Century

Short Course held in 5-9 September, 2009, Veszprém, Hungary


Traces of the U ore production in the speleothems of the Trio cave from Mecsek Mountains, Hungary

This study demonstrates that speleothems can reliably record environmental pollution signals, a hitherto largely unexplored source of information.

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