Investigations on global warming and the associated climate change are one of the socially most important field of current research trends. Studies on processes of the geological past can significantly contribute to reliable estimations of expected climate tendencies. The global processes are relatively well known, however, modelling of regional and local phenomena requires new data. The detailed paleoclimatic analyses of the Carpathian Basin can provide important data for the estimations of future climate variations. However, it is a general problem that the interpretations of geochemical records suffer from several drawbacks that weaken the conclusions drawn. The solution is studying various deposits and materials that reflect the same environmental conditions in different ways. The members of the G&P Research Group deal with several different formations and materials (sedimentary sections of major extinction events, groundwaters, cave deposits, freshwater limestones, mollusc shells, paleosoils). The expected result of the work of the Research Group is a coherent geochemical modelling of climate change processes in the Carpathian Basin.